Our life and working style is simple, objective and calm. We like to socialize and meet people in a healthy environment and while working, we never forget all the essentials, specially the professionalism and safety of all our dives because, at the end of the day, this is what we love to do ...!

Our goal is to offer you diving holidays with customized quality, comfort and safety in such a way that you would gladly come back to visit us in this little dot of land in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Diving Center information

Activities schedule

- The first dive of the day will be every morning at 9.00am. The meeting will be at our shop at 8.30am.

- Between the dives we make 1.30h surface interval with a short breack on land, finishing the first 2 dives of the day around 2.30pm.

- The 3rd dive of the day starts at 2.30pm, and you must be at our shop around 1.30pm.

- The Night Dives starts at 9.00pm, you need to meet us at 8.00pm.

- You also have the possibility to make a longer stop at the surface between the dives, and have more time to lunch and to relax, by joining us on the 1st and 3rd dive of the day.


- We speak, English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Group size

- We always take the max of 11 persons per boat and 5/6 per Dive guide.

Meeting point

- Usually at the diving center, or can be at the hotel where you are accommodated. Just inform us where you will be staying and we can provide the transfer.


- We make our customer´s Hotel–diving center–Hotel transfers free of charge, whenever is possible and necessary.

Other info

- On the diving day, we meet our customers at the their hotel, to pick them up and all the equipment to our facilities, make the personal register of the divers at the diving center, and present them the program to the following days.

- During a normal diving day we offer you the opportunity to book your lunch pack in advance, and subject to an additional fee. .

- Usually the first dive is always an easy "check dive", in a protected area.